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the best since "Diatribes" - 90%

vorth, August 13th, 2006

It is surely not the "identity crisis" and not "all is said and done". Napalm Death know exactly who they are and what they were created for - to spill aggression everywhere they are. Guitar is still devastating and Barney still spits the words with inhuman fury. Hatred lives in the band as it did those years ago and time doesn't bring any release. Actually, "Smear Campaign" is no doubt much more aggressive than the previous recordings. It would be an overstatement to claim this is Napalm Death's return to the grind, but that's better - I believe the band is not able to record "Scum" once again and it's fantastic to hear a band changing a bit even after more than two decades of continous activity.

"Smear Campaign" is a real chest of riffs and this always makes a metalhead childishly joyful. The sound hardly changed but the album seems different. These are the indisputable achievements of Napalm Death anno 2006 and I really wish this chase for freshness and being up-to-date would never stop. I also hope that I will admit that "this is the best Napalm Death album" every time I listen to a new record from the English masters of extreme music. Judging from the discography, the next opportunity comes next year.