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Great agressive grindcore!!! - 92%

nezzmarr, May 22nd, 2007

I am not really into grindcore, but this one is exceptional. Not like ordinary grindcore - damned lot of noise and growls without melody - this one is more melodic. Let´s take a look at an example: guitar riff from “When All is Said and Done“ in the beginning of the song and during the chorus. It´s adding to this album more melodic sound reminding me of death metal. This is what makes it different from other bands.

And now for the story how I got this album. When I was in the shop, I hesitated because they had the normal CD and the limited edition digipak (including 2 bonus tracks and a sticker; it was also more expensive.) I decided to buy the special edition even though it was my first album from Napalm Death and, as I said, I am not into grindcore. I don’t regret buying this one, though.

Everything about the music is already written in the booklet and on the limited edition paper CD case:
Barney – shouting, screaming, swans, sermons
Shane – four strings of apocalypse / NY aggro lung assault
Mitch – shredding, grinding, subliming noise / shrill cries
Danny – blast beat terrorism

So prepare for 45 minutes and 2 seconds of growling, shredding, blast beats, and, of course, four strings of apocalypse. I especially like those shrill cries in the beginning of “In difference“ and “Sink fast, Lets go“, where Mitch releases one shrill cry for few seconds in “As Always, the Will and Desire“ and the another one for “Passed Off as a Fault of the Unlearned“, but without the booklet, I thought at first that he was only shrieking. I then found out these noises are meant to be phrases with meaning.

The music is extremely violent and fast, the growls are pitched low, and riffs are simple, but well played. Some of them haunt your head for next few hours, like the one from “When All is Said and Done“. And as for the two bonus songs on the special edition, “Call That an Option?“ is as good as the other songs on this album and the final track “Atheist Runt” is a six minute long track repeating the few lines of text over and over with catchy guitar melodies. After hearing the whole album I found myself singing to my brother to make him angry – “Restrain this runt, neutralize this runt, behead this runt amid pillars of salt“ over again and again. This definitely rests in your head.

It’s a great album - fast, heavy and violent. My favorite songs: “Sing Fast, Let’s Go", “In Difference“, “When All is Said and Done“, and “Persona Non Grata“.