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Where FETO n' Mentally Murdred left off! - 90%

IvoGRIND666, November 3rd, 2006

Where to start off? Well, being a fan of early Napalm Death, I was very happy to see with Enemy of the Music Business that they decided to revisit the genre they, along with greats such as Repulsion, Extreme Noise Terror, etc.., spawned!

The first track (an intro) makes you wonder what exactly Napalm has in store for their fans…Then "Sink Fast, Let Go", the second track, tears through the speakers with simple riffs and blast beats galore! Napalm definitely went back to the old days covering the entire album in blast beats and, much like the old days with Mick and Lee, high-pitched shrieks delivered by both Barney and Mitch! You can even hear some of Shane's voice in the back at times! (Listen to the Offenders cover they did on Leaders..Part II and you'll see what I mean!

The Code is Red..., their previous effort, was very good and was a step towards returning to the days of Dorrian and Lee. I think this album is what Harmony Corruption should've been, instead of the more death metal sound they went for. The production is excellent, very much like Code.., and much catchier too! Definitely not for fans of Greed Killing n' Words From the Exit Wound n' what not...

Favorite Tracks: Sink Fast, Let Go ; Freedom is a Wage of Sin [dig the chorus!!] ; Short Lived; Deaf and Dumbstruck (Intelligent Design)