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Grind As Fuck - 90%

Facegrindscumfuck, July 29th, 2006

Napalm death are supposedly returning to their grindcore roots with this album after a few grinding death records so when i bought this album i was a little apprehensive as to whether they know what grindcore is anymore, however as soon as the i pressed the play button and track 2 kicked in "Sink Fast, Let Go" is Napalm Death at their incendiary grindcore best. One of the things that stands out most about this release is the amount of backing vocals used. The last few albums have used the backing vocalist sparingly at most but in this they utilize the fact that they have 2 immense vocalists compared to just Barney (who by the way sounds angrier than ever on this release).
This is an album i can really enjoy and Napalm Death havent slowed down a single beat. Yeah there is a couple of melodic vocal bits in there like from Morale off the code is red but they dont over do them. Dont Worry, they dont use the melodic vocals too often, however it does add a different twist to the normal Napalm Death formula.

So in short this album shows that not only are napalm death still one of the angriest and feral bands around, but their still better than most of these young bands that are trying to plug into the grindcore sound these days.

Bring on the UK tour!!