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Perfect grindcore - 100%

minorthreat665, January 23rd, 2007

Most everything has already been said, but some of this bears repeating: Scum, albeit incredibly raw, epitomizes everything good about grindcore. This entire album is a work of incredibly fast and aggressive sonic mayhem. The speed and intensity of Napalm Death on this recording (which is actually two separate sessions, one in late '86 and one in early '87) still is rarely matched today by most bands; it puts all of their speedy hardcore punk and thrash contemporaries of the mid-eighties to shame.

Simply playing fast, of course, is not what is amazing about this album; any artist with enough practice can play at fast tempos. The amazing thing is how they manage to weave the speed with their incredibly raw production and instrumental sound (which in my opinion is when grindcore sounds best). The album is not polished, but still very audible, even to picky listeners. The actual instrumental sound is very raw, adding further to the intensity of the music.

Blastbeating drums thud throughout the entire album, which unfortunately sometimes drown out the guitars. Despite this, the heavy insane drumming makes the perfect grindcore atmosphere, complete with frantic riffs and the occasional slowed down parts, such as before the verses in "Scum," or in "Siege of Power."

Overall, this album is a completely amazing work of raw, lightning fast, wild grindcore that has to be listened to to be believed. Amazing, amazing album, 100%.