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I've been Deceived From All the Hype of This Album - 12%

meximetal95, October 27th, 2012

Let me clear something up first. I love Napalm Death so this rant and negative review doesn't reflect hate on the band in general. Quite the opposite really because to me they're one of the best bands I've ever listened to in the grindcore genre along with Carcass.

So why am I hating on this album? Well simply put, this album is so distinct from their later stuff, and I honestly can't stand the overall presentation of this record.

To top things off, the production is terrible and is a mess all around. All I can hear is just pure noise coming from every single member in the band at the time. Random Drum beats, and blast beats that don't even flow through any of the songs not to mention the guitars are distorted as hell that I can't even tell if its the riffs from the guitars, or just a random static fuzzy noise going on. This is hell for me I can't stress that enough and not one of those fun hell rides you get from listening to such an awesome album; no, this is one of those hell rides that just pains your ears to death wondering what the fuck you were listening to in the first place. Not even Carcass's first album sounded like this abomination and it was grindcore with people who managed to have a composition and overall flow. Unlike this one.

The one thing that killed this mainly was the vocals. Oh my god of all the worst vocals I've heard in bands this has got to be the worst. Lee Dorian either was too lazy to practice the vocals prior to the release, or he was just a natural born vocalist that doesn't have the feel or ability to do good behind a damn mic. I get a headache listening to his vocals. I'd rather listen to this whole album without the vocals and hell, I'd rather have Barney do vocals on this album as it would've sounded much better.

I respect the contribution this album has had on the grindcore scene, but this was a listening hell ride experience that I never want go back to as it just a random guys at the time sounding like they recorded this whole mediocre attempt in a garage rather then a studio. There's nothing else that needs to be said about this album as it outweights all the pros. Hell, if there is even any pros for that matter, and the reason this gets 12 is because its Napalm Death, and some credit or score has to be given because this is such an influential album that I'd feel bad giving this a zero.