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How did these guys get a label? - 5%

brutalbassist, December 11th, 2007

This CD is flat out horrible. I hate every single little aspect about it, the only thing I find semi-tolerable is the drumming. I picked this up at a local store for 20$ and I wish I would have bought something else. It is a complete waste of money. And I wouldn't even download it off LimeWire, because it's not worth the time. Besides that I always buy albums anyway (musicians with talent gotta make money somehow, right?)

Let's start off with the vocals. Monotonous, annoying, talent less, incomprehensible shouting. In the 20th Anniversary Edition of this disk (the one I own) there is a bonus DVD with "The Scum Story". On that DVD, it reveals the vocalist had to be cued in on every single song. How pathetic is that?

The guitars have heavy, yet catchy riffs, I will say that much. However, there is no talent in them at all! This is metal people! It HAS to be to get on the Archives! Metal has talent. Napalm Death does not. That's the simplest way to put it. These riffs are only power chords, that’s it. There is no variation. Now, most of my favorite bands only use power chords for riffs, but they have solos. That’s another thing I can't stand about this release. There are very, very few solos. Of the few that are there, I don't think a single one of them is over 5 seconds in length, and they are very basic.

The bass is completely inaudible, except in tracks like "Scum" which if I remember correctly, has a bass intro. Then the bassist uses very terrible distortion, completely killing the tone. He also uses a pick, destroying the sound even more. What was this guy thinking? The only way distortion sounds good on a bass is if Cliff Burton played it that way.

The drums are probably the best part of this release. Very fast and brutal, nice. This drummer is insane, but not the best I've heard. In the bonus DVD, they show him demonstrating a blast beat. He no longer even owns a kit and had not played for years, and somehow, this guy surpassed what most modern day drummers could do. This is the best part of the album along with the lyrics.

The lyrics are very political and convincing, they get their point across. I just wish I could understand them while the vocalist “sings” them. I have no problem understanding Chris Barnes or George Fisher.

What was this band thinking? Were they trying to make this album as short and terrible as they could? They have one track over three minutes. One of twenty-eight tracks is over three minutes in length! They have a song that one second long and then four seconds of silence. That's ridiculous. I hated this CD and I would never recommend this to anyone. Not even my worst enemy deserves that kind of torture. Whatever you do, do NOT buy this release.