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This is where it all started... - 93%

MagmarBlue, September 4th, 2003

Grindcore...the very creation of Napalm Death, 'Scum' ended the race for fastest and heaviest in the music world. The original line-ups (yes I said line-ups, because there are essentially two different bands on this album, one per side) combined metal, hardcore, and punk with their own sick, demented, twisted creativity and points of view which evolved into the most brutal music ever made. Mick Harris's technique called the "blast beat", forever changed the genre of death metal. Virtually every death metal band to start after 'Scum' made use of the blast beat. The music on 'Scum' is brutal, fast, and speaks of human nature, and political unrest and world issues. The songs are short, which is why there are 28 tracks crammed on, which equal less than 30 minutes worth of listening. The vocals are all but impossible to decipher, which also had an influence on death metal. The guitars are grinding and pound brutality into your skull like a jackhammer. 'Scum' may have been the album that started grindcore, but the influence that it had on death metal is undeniable. To fully get what the music on 'Scum' is all about I advise that you check it out...NOW! Be open minded, as 'Scum' takes several listens to fully absorb.