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suffer - 99%

Apophis, April 12th, 2004

Well what do we have here?

Only probably THE singlehandedly most extreme reknowned and pioneering albums of the eighties which has influenced countless extreme bands since... all with a debut album.

'Scum' is effectively comprised of two demos which got the band signed with the two different lineup each forming one half of the album. The first, and superior, half contains both the blistering title track that is still a death classic even now, as well as the infamous two-second hyperblast (one of many) that is 'You Suffer'; the latter half with the more familar Embury, Dorrian, Harris lineup.

This music is raw (yet not underproduced to detriment), incendiary, brutal... practically sheer aural carnage. Music to destroy things to. Or more to the point, music to bring down governments /multi-nationals with.

Scum practically invented what would later be termed 'grindcore' even though the band would later evolve into more of a death-grind hybrid with hardcore & punk influences (ie the Dead Kennedy's cover 'Nazi Punks Fuck Off' of later years).

Quite simply if you hate pop-rock and their coiffured MTV-kin, or just want to make your ears bleed, listen to the album that gave heavy metal a shotgut at the base of the neck and cold shiver down the spine.