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legends that must be heard!!! - 90%

SoulSeekJay, July 15th, 2004

Napalm Death aren't a band they are already a living legend and finally "Noise For Music's Sake" is the definitive Napalm Death collection.
These are (arguably) the inventors of grindcore, and they have confused the extreme music scene for more than 20 years!

The first CD features all of Napalm Death's classics like songs from their early records "Scum" and "Suffer The Children" and of course they also cover the best songs off the later albums "Diatribes" and "Breed To Breathe".

As I said this CD features only some tracks off the albums so it's definitely not a complete discography. It would be just to much to name all the tracks but beside the classics like "Scum", "You Suffer" or "Deceiver" off the Scum-LP, "Hung" from "Fear, Emptiness, Despair" and "Antibody" from the "Greed Killing" album they also offer "The Chains That Bind Us" from "Harmony Corruption" or "Breed to Breathe" from "Inside The Torn Apart"!

They picked the best songs of all their albums and at the end of the first CD they also added the Dead Kennedys cover "Nazi Punks Fuck Off"!

The second CD features rare and unreleased tracks beginning with the four songs off the "Mentally Murdered" EP and "Pride Assassin" off "Mass Appeal Madness", the live cover of Godflesh's "Avalanche Master Song". After that two songs off the "World Keeps Turning" EP and the bonus tracks off "Fear, Emptiness, Despair" made it on this compilation.

Now we come to the demo-version of "Upwards and Uninterested" that was also on the Split with Coalesce and the demo-version of "I Abstain". Next ones are "Politics of Common Sense" off the At The Gates Split and four compilation tracks.

Last but not least, we get five unreleased tracks, the Pete Coleman mix of "Remain Nameless" & "Twist the Knife". "Deceiver" live in Wacken '87 with Mitch Dickinson of Unseen Terror on guitar, "The Traitor" live in Birmingham '86 and "Abattoir" also live in Birmingham '86!

That's it...almost 2 1/2 hours of Napalm Death destruction and this should be a part of every single "TRUE" metal CD-collection.