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only the best - 87%

Priest, November 14th, 2003

im sure if your reading this you know the general sound of Naplam Death, so i will not go into what they sound like.

If you are in to nalpalm death buy this cd. it holds only the best songs they have recorded over the many years of napalm death, and a few additional bonus'. the last few songs on the second cd are live and a few songs are originals not before released. classic songs like "you suffer", at a huge 5 seconds, "greed killing", "breed to breathe", and "suffer the children", will induct new napalm fans and should really convert any napalm sceptics.

the two cds both give different insights to the band, and also (if you look up the time when the song was recorded) show a logical progression with each cd they have made, during different stages of napalm's history.

the booklet that comes with the cd, holds interviews with Barney Greenway, the vocalist (benediction), and an interview from Shane Embury, the bassist (lockup, unseen terror) which give an insight to what Naplam death are about and why they make the music the way they do. also contained in the booklet is a low down on every song on the second cd. it also comes with a time line of when the band was formed, and how Naplam death has progressed over the years with band members leaving etc.

Truely a great cd.