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Complete collection - 95%

Leperjesus, August 4th, 2007

Here we have the ultimate Napalm Death collection. In the first disc you can find all the highlights of their career. ''Suffer the children'', ''Scum'', every ''hit'' is included. It's good that the band didn't stick in their old grind albums but included also their more ''modern'' songs as ''Greed killings'' and ''Diatribes''. So you can really understand the evolution of this terrific band and its fantastic quality, both in the grindcore and the death metal songs. The only bad ponit for me is that ''Siege of power'' is not in its original form but with Barney in the vocal duties. Oh, and it was wise that the band included ''Nazi punks fuck off'', their fantastic Dead Kennedys cover.

The second disc is really Napalm Death's fan paradise! Firstly we have the whole ''Mentally murdered'' E.P., my favourite album from this band. It's really difficult to find it nowadays in its original form, so I thank God that they included it here! Apart from that, you can find a lot of unrealased and rare stuff. A live jamming with Godflesh (yes!), studio recordings with Lee Dorrian and Bill Steer, even live recordings back from 1986!

So, here's something for everyone. The first disc is a perfect best of for somebody who had never heard Napalm Death before, and the second disc goes to all those who want to have everything from their favourite band.