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Complete collection - 95%

Leperjesus, August 4th, 2007

Here we have the ultimate Napalm Death collection. In the first disc you can find all the highlights of their career. ''Suffer the children'', ''Scum'', every ''hit'' is included. It's good that the band didn't stick in their old grind albums but included also their more ''modern'' songs as ''Greed killings'' and ''Diatribes''. So you can really understand the evolution of this terrific band and its fantastic quality, both in the grindcore and the death metal songs. The only bad ponit for me is that ''Siege of power'' is not in its original form but with Barney in the vocal duties. Oh, and it was wise that the band included ''Nazi punks fuck off'', their fantastic Dead Kennedys cover.

The second disc is really Napalm Death's fan paradise! Firstly we have the whole ''Mentally murdered'' E.P., my favourite album from this band. It's really difficult to find it nowadays in its original form, so I thank God that they included it here! Apart from that, you can find a lot of unrealased and rare stuff. A live jamming with Godflesh (yes!), studio recordings with Lee Dorrian and Bill Steer, even live recordings back from 1986!

So, here's something for everyone. The first disc is a perfect best of for somebody who had never heard Napalm Death before, and the second disc goes to all those who want to have everything from their favourite band.

Napalm Death - the Earache years - 85%

Manchester_Devil, September 26th, 2004

Released by Earache after the label and band kissed and made up after the latter left the former under a cloud, this double CD ‘best of’ charts Napalm Death’s time with Earache from 1986 to 1998. Disc 1 is basically “Napalm Death – the Earache years”, so don’t go expecting post-Earache goodies from the Leaders not Followers albums, “Enemy of the Music Business” and “Order of the Leech” while Disc 2 has goodies like the entire “Mentally Murdered” EP, bonus songs, some covers pre-Leaders not Followers, original mixes and more.

Disc 1 contains what Napalm Death and Earache have chosen as the best songs from Napalm’s time at the label, from time honoured favourites like “Scum”, “From Enslavement to Obliteration” and “Mass Appeal Madness” to the more experimental period (experimental by Napalm Death’s standards) like “Greed Killing” “Armageddon x 7” and “Diatribes”.

Anything from “Scum” and FETO (the album, not the bands own label for those watching in black and white) are guaranteed to kick your arse from the get go and grind themselves into your mind. Whenever you like to or not are academic. Otherwise, it’s rather a case of hit or miss, depending on your view, which in my case is well, hit and miss. Barney Greenway’s early vocals performances for the Grindcore greats are steady growlers though he later comes into his own near the end of Napalm Death’s time with Earache. It’s probably because his early performances suffered from being under Lee Dorrian’s shadow or the fans expectations being on him.

As for the post FETO songs on the disc, some songs work and some don’t, the good songs of the group are “Contemptuous” (an good example of the band’s ability to perform slower songs), Barney’s version of “Social Sterility” (an improvement over the FETO version), “Lowpoint” (reminds me of the Scum album), “Hung” (Heavy cruncher of riffage and blastbeats), “Next of Kin to Chaos” (One of Barney’s greatest vocal performances) and “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” (good cover of the Dead Kennedy’s song). Weaker songs of the group such as the “Death by Manipulation” versions of “Unchallenged Hate” and “Siege of Power” (both are a good reason not the re-record songs by your former vocalist, 9 times out of 10, it just isn’t the same), “The Infiltraitor” (bland) and “Diatribes” (too much focus of effects and not enough on riffs and drumming, also bland).

One maybe hard done by the fact that there aren’t more songs from both the Scum and FETO albums but the band has done more then those two greats that propelled the band into living legends. Another minus for disc 1 is that some albums are neglected than others (Harmony Corruption for example).

Disc 2 is where we have some rarities from Napalm Death’s past for those into Napalm Death before and since “Scum” and for those who been into Napalm Death the 1990’s and beyond who want a taste of Napalm Death’s past, in fact, this disc goes into the band’s pre-Earache past with “The Traitor” and “Abattoir”. Some rare material heard for the first time (“Scum” with Lee Dorrian on vocals) amongst others. Again, the quality varies, the Mentally Murdered EP featured what can said to be the best material by the line up that gave the world FETO (Lee, Bill, Shane and Mick), the solo on “Walls of Confinement” is probably the best solo Bill had ever done in his career. Mick never sounded any better here as well and Lee was at his most guttural for the recordings, the riffage on display is nice and crunchy and above all, arse kicking.

Beyond that, we go back into hit-and-miss country here, though there’s more “hits” than “misses” with an extra of oddness thrown for good measure. In the hits section, we have “Pride Assassin” (good cross between FETO production and Harmony Corruption), “Malignant Trait” (Pure blasting to great effect and riffs that eat you alive), “Insanity Excursion”and “Politics of Common Sense” While in the misses section, dishonourable mentions go to “Twist the Knife Slowly original mix” (bland and not heavy by ND standards).In the odd-as-hell section, and honourable mentions go to the live covers of Godflesh’s “Avalanche Master Song” (the hell?) and “Deceiver” which had a different intro to the song on the “Scum” album (the intro was by a band called The Swankys, which was a serious case of what the fuck?) and the Swans inspired “Internal Animosity” (the FETO line up doing an atmospheric song? Blimey!).

With the two pre-Scum songs, “The Traitor” and “Abattoir” reflection the band’s early days as a Punk band going into a metamorphosis into the beast that resulted in “Scum”. The production values vary from song to song on both discs as does the guitar tuning, from good to raw and sometimes slightly iffy. One has to remember this is Napalm Death, the very early years to Napalm Death, the Experimental years via the Spotlight years etc.

Despite some weak songs selected and the rare appearances of Nik Bullen and Lee Dorrian on disc 1. This is a collector’s item for old and new fans alike, worth purchasing.

EDIT: Swans never did "Internal Animosity", Napalm Death were inspired by them for the song.

legends that must be heard!!! - 90%

SoulSeekJay, July 15th, 2004

Napalm Death aren't a band they are already a living legend and finally "Noise For Music's Sake" is the definitive Napalm Death collection.
These are (arguably) the inventors of grindcore, and they have confused the extreme music scene for more than 20 years!

The first CD features all of Napalm Death's classics like songs from their early records "Scum" and "Suffer The Children" and of course they also cover the best songs off the later albums "Diatribes" and "Breed To Breathe".

As I said this CD features only some tracks off the albums so it's definitely not a complete discography. It would be just to much to name all the tracks but beside the classics like "Scum", "You Suffer" or "Deceiver" off the Scum-LP, "Hung" from "Fear, Emptiness, Despair" and "Antibody" from the "Greed Killing" album they also offer "The Chains That Bind Us" from "Harmony Corruption" or "Breed to Breathe" from "Inside The Torn Apart"!

They picked the best songs of all their albums and at the end of the first CD they also added the Dead Kennedys cover "Nazi Punks Fuck Off"!

The second CD features rare and unreleased tracks beginning with the four songs off the "Mentally Murdered" EP and "Pride Assassin" off "Mass Appeal Madness", the live cover of Godflesh's "Avalanche Master Song". After that two songs off the "World Keeps Turning" EP and the bonus tracks off "Fear, Emptiness, Despair" made it on this compilation.

Now we come to the demo-version of "Upwards and Uninterested" that was also on the Split with Coalesce and the demo-version of "I Abstain". Next ones are "Politics of Common Sense" off the At The Gates Split and four compilation tracks.

Last but not least, we get five unreleased tracks, the Pete Coleman mix of "Remain Nameless" & "Twist the Knife". "Deceiver" live in Wacken '87 with Mitch Dickinson of Unseen Terror on guitar, "The Traitor" live in Birmingham '86 and "Abattoir" also live in Birmingham '86!

That's it...almost 2 1/2 hours of Napalm Death destruction and this should be a part of every single "TRUE" metal CD-collection.

only the best - 87%

Priest, November 14th, 2003

im sure if your reading this you know the general sound of Naplam Death, so i will not go into what they sound like.

If you are in to nalpalm death buy this cd. it holds only the best songs they have recorded over the many years of napalm death, and a few additional bonus'. the last few songs on the second cd are live and a few songs are originals not before released. classic songs like "you suffer", at a huge 5 seconds, "greed killing", "breed to breathe", and "suffer the children", will induct new napalm fans and should really convert any napalm sceptics.

the two cds both give different insights to the band, and also (if you look up the time when the song was recorded) show a logical progression with each cd they have made, during different stages of napalm's history.

the booklet that comes with the cd, holds interviews with Barney Greenway, the vocalist (benediction), and an interview from Shane Embury, the bassist (lockup, unseen terror) which give an insight to what Naplam death are about and why they make the music the way they do. also contained in the booklet is a low down on every song on the second cd. it also comes with a time line of when the band was formed, and how Naplam death has progressed over the years with band members leaving etc.

Truely a great cd.