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This is the mighty Napalm Death? - 50%

xtheblademaster, May 7th, 2007

I know, I know! Napalm Death are probably the most popular grindcore band of all time! They've been hailed as the creators of grindcore and that Scum is the best grindcore album ever! Well, I say no way! After hearing this EP, I can safely say Napalm Death have become one of the more average grind/death bands.

Leaders Not Followers is a cover album, part one in a series of two albums. Leaders Not Followers part. II, however, is an album, Leaders Not Followers part. I being an EP. This albums has covers of Death, Slaughter, Pentagram, Dead Kennedys, Raw Power and Repulsion. All great bands! The only thing that's bad about it is, well, Napalm Death are covering them.

Yes, yes... I know Napalm Death are a good band, but this album is nothing short of boring and dull. I was glad it was only 6 songs or I'd have never bought it in the first place. It's not it's bad beacuse Napalm Death are covering, it's because almost every song sounds the same, no matter how different the bands they're covering are.

All I can say is, what were Napalm Death thinking when they released this? The songs are boring, the drums sound horrible and everything just drags on and on and on. The guitars and vocals are done fairly well, but that's me in a good mood.

I would not recommend buying this at all and I'm sure anyone who likes Napalm Death would agree with me. Just buy Scum and go from there.