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Tribute to the kings - 95%

MetalReaper, December 6th, 2004

When a good band releases a cover-album, it tends to suck, no matter how good the band is or the songs are. There are only a few cover-albums, which doesn't suck. This one doesn't suck, on the contrary, it's the best cover-album I've heard for a long time.

Napalm Death isn't my favorite, but many of my friends called me a loony when I listened to Enemy of the Music Business-album. Then I suddenly had this one on my hands, I placed it to my record player and the next reaction was something between happiness and getting totally fucked up.

But what the hell does this release contain? All the songs are either hardcore, death metal or thrash metal. Only a few of them are well-known: Kreator, Sepultura, Agnostic Front, Hellhammer and Discharge. The rest of the bands are less-known, bands who never got out of their cellars. Many of these bands released an album or two, some demos, before disappearing. And that's a shame.

Napalm Death adds their brutality to the mix, though the songs could be recognized (if you know the songs, of course). The vocalist Barney Greenway still sounds like an angry goat. The guitarist Mitch Harris screams like he is being tortured with the fork, sending me to change my pants. This album introduced to me many good (and forgotten) bands like Cryptic Slaughter, Wehrmacht and Master, just to name a few. This album belongs to my albums-of-the-year-list.
Very angry package, indeed.