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All star tribute to Napalm Death and Terrorizer? - 85%

morbert, August 21st, 2008

When this came out I could not believe it was Napalm Death. It wasn’t actually. As the title of my review says, it’s (almost) a brand new all-star-band paying tribute to eighties grindcore they actually conceived earlier themselves. A bit weird.

We have two Members from Napalm Death (Mick Harris and Shane Embury), one from Terrorizer (Jesse Pintado), Mitch Harris from Righteous Pigs and finally the only member to come from a second rate band, Barney from Benediction.

Now to make every things even funnier. The album does not sound like Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Righteous Pigs nor even Benediction. And in fact at the same time also sounds like the lot of them combined. We were entering Napalm Death phase 3…

Mick Harris’ raging madness on drums is still here but he has improved a lot over the years (something which became very obvious on the earlier ‘Mentally Murdered’ EP). The midpaced sections and rolling double bass sound very convincing. Shane Embury can hardly be heard.
Jesse Pintado’s sound is very much present. It’s almost the same typical ‘Morrisound’ as his earlier Terrorizer album had. A thing you could say for Mitch Harris as well since the last Righteous Pigs also had that production.
Barney sounds like Barney. Pretty hard for a vocalist to have an entirely different production, right? But clearly the man was a death metal vocalist and he doesn’t sound very natural (yet) on his Napalm Death debut. Something he’d improve on the superb ‘Mass Appeal Madness’ and ‘The World Keeps Turning’ singles.

Because of the production and typical vocals the album sounded more like your average 1990 US death metal band coming out of the Morrisound studios. Yes, a death metal band. Not a grindcore band. The sound was way too heavy for that and the compositions were mostly death metal with elements of grindcore. So goodbye to good old Brittish underground grindcore and goodmorning to intercontinental deathgrind! And actually ‘Harmony Corruption’ was a pretty good album!

Now “Suffer The Children” actually sounds like an eighties crustcore song covered by a death metal band. And by Jove does it sound great! I’d almost wish modern day death metal bands would lay off the over-technical Cannibal Corpse-Nile-Cryptopsy apporach and start playing this more straight forward style. I makes so much more sense and impact!

Furthermore ‘Harmony Corruption’ is quite a catchy album. “Vision Conquest”, “Unfit Earth”, “The Chains That Bind Us” and “Mindsnare” being remarkable sing-a-long compositions. A song like “Malicious Intent” unfortunately is too much on the slower side of death metal and sounds stretched. But those are minor complaint.

On future releases the band would sound more cohesive but I like this transitional album a lot. Mick Harris’ drums still have that old Napalm Death touch and this is something that defines this album.

This is not an album I play when I’m in the mood for some old Napalm Death nor do I play it when I’m in the mood for the furious ‘modern’ Napalm Death which found back its roots around the 2000 album ‘Enemy Of The Music Business’. This is an album which I play on itself at least once every two years or so purely out of sentimental values.