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Ohhh...This Is What I Like...Not Scum! - 93%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, February 5th, 2008

I never loved Scum because I always found it very chaotic and immature, even if I can consider it an innovation. Anyway in 1987 there were far better demos by Terrorizer or the first album by Unseen Terror (a bit more death/thrash). With the following From Enslavement To Obliteration the things would have been a bit more mature but still a bit chaotic. Only with this Harmony Corruption, Napalm Death began to be something I like…and a lot, because I can easily consider this one as my favourite album in their discography.

In those years the principal genre was the growing death metal that, mixed with grind produced lots of masterpieces: World Downfall and Harmony Corruption among the others. And death metal itself contributes in giving this genre a more mature approach and songwriting. The grind influences are more brutal and filtrated through the heaviness of death.

The production is far better and pounding than in the past and Barney at vocals is an animal. His growls are always extreme but comprehensible and bad ass. The death metal influences can be found in the always not too fast “Malicious Intent”, with slow lead guitar lines and truly heavy tempo. The grind ones in the fist of “Inner Incineration”: impact, violence and structured brutality.

In the massive “Unfit Earth” we have two special guests: John Tardy and Glenn Benton to do some screamed parts. The song is a good blend of fast grinding parts with up tempo parts and mid ones. Sometimes the death metal is so rooted in the group’s skills that the blast beats parts have a brutal death metal style, without being so grind.

In “Circle Of Hypocrisy” you can truly hear the influences from Obituary in the sound. Very gloomy atmosphere, riffs and tempo changes. The guitar riffs on the grinding beginning to “The Chain That Bind Us” come along with a black touch. “Mind Snare” is awesome, one of the best here. Very catchy, fast with up tempo and truly evil riffage. “Sad dependency, brain fried society!!!! Jack Up!!!” A good reflection about drugs.

“Extremity Retained” is the shortest and the most violent here along with “Vision Conquest”. Awesome in speed, tempo and vocals. Pure mosh!! “Suffer The Children” is very impressive for the double bass work and the grind break in the middle. The atmosphere is always growing in obscurity and suffocation. The riffs are heavy and so claustrophobic with lots of Obituary influences, especially in the mid paced tempo.

“Hiding Behind” is bonus track, excellent with his rotten, obscure beginning with an out of the blue grind part at 2:00. A perfect song to put an end to this album, starting a new path in Napalm Death music; a path made of good songwriting and more mature structures. Still their best.