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more than meets the eye... (nomen omen) - 93%

vorth, May 7th, 2005

Napalm Death isn't really my favourite, at least the latest recordings, which seem to me just almost aggressive, with the very negative meaning of the first 'a word'. However, those old grindcore stuff still makes me impressed and one album makes me really stunned...

"Fear, Emptiness, Despair" is much more than just an album. For the first and the last time Napalm Death really fills music with what they want to say - with that whole aggression against all stupid on this world. It may be heard in every single moment of the album.

On the musical ground the band mixed its traditional grindcore elements with experimental death metal. Actually, it's the only ND release that is so aggressive and so experimental. Strange, heavy riffs that melt into chaos, interrupted by catchy "melodies" or riffs. All distorted by great growls (Greenway's best performance) and chaotised drums... The whole makes some kind of chaos with catchy moments. Sounds nice.

Songs are very good, with few outstanding exceptions like "Hung", "More than meets the eye". "State of mind" or "Armageddon times seven". There are no bad moments here, though the ending may seem a bit less aggressive. All in all, "Fear, Emptiness, Despair" stays the best what the Englishmen have ever done and what they probably will. A pity they have never used any of its great elements anymore.