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Grooving Brutality - 88%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, February 24th, 2008

I believe that this Napalm Death album started the more groove period for a group that ‘till here always did very violent albums, passing through different kinds of extreme genres. From punk/crust to grind/death ‘till groove death. The albums after this one will show, ‘till the end of 90s, a more “progressive” approach but with this one we can always find pretty good violent songs.

“Twist The Knife (Slowly)” is a different song in Napalm Death standards, as the following “Hung”. Anyway the guitar sound is always fucking heavy along with true brutal vocals and some blast beats too. A good mix of rawest parts with a more groovy approach. The atmosphere is so gloom…never before they created such obscure songs. “Rename Nameless” is total mosh for the semi up tempo and punkish attitude. One of the best here.

To notice some filtrated vocals and strange guitar lines…almost with an industrial touch but not so artificial…odd, with a stench of abandoned factories where everything is so dark and lifeless. The other good thing is the songs length: they are never long, so if one of them is more progressive and groovy, like “Plague Rages”, is not boring at all. It is good to observe some out of the blue blast beats that break a bit the suffocating atmosphere made of fucking heavy riffs, like the one on “More Than Meets The Eye”.

The tempo and the guitar work on “Primed Time” are fucking great (quite fast, with blast beats too). “State Of Mind” features doom/progressive opening riffs with a crescendo of intensity under the sign of groove death metal. I like it. Overall, it's a good album, far more different and slower than the previous ones but also more obscure and intelligent if we want. It depends on the tastes…I liked it as I loved Harmony Corruption.