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Riffs galore - 78%

Thrash_Till_Death, November 25th, 2002

Ahhhh, a new Napalm Death release is always a good thing. Not always an original and unique release, but the fans keep buying the cds and the band still keeps pumping out the brutality after 20 years. This cd is a return to older style ND while still staying modern. Oh yea, the old logo is back!

The basic idea of this cd is the bands dislike for the music industry, as the band had problems with before this was released. The songs are fast and come right for your throat. If you have heard ND before, you know what to expect music wise. Barneys shouting/yelling style vocals, the fast drums and the always awesome riffs. Jesse & Mitch pump out some killer riffs that literally make some of the songs awesome.

The cd opens with Take the Poison, which is short and sweet. Track 3, Constitutional Hell, is one of my faves on the cd and has some of the best riffs on the cd. Another great track is can't play, won't play.

Basically, if you like a few songs on this cd, you will like the whole thing. If you can't get into Napalm Death, then this cd probably won't change your opinion. Its a good cd and its great to see the band still putting out great cds, but after getting to track 9 or so, it starts to get a little old, but that doesn't take away from very much in the end.