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The Clash of the Creators - 90%

Chavaluria, January 19th, 2013

The split albums will always be a constant (And ritualistic tradition) within the DIY bands and the ones who once belonged to it. this case is not the exception, we got the powerful ones who put the "-core" suffix in metalcore, on the other hand we got the creators of one of the most brutal genres ever been created: grindcore.

The clash of two generations will always be a succes, different sounds joined in this old tradition, sure to think that this kind of rituals make everything possible, even combine two legends in their respectives genres in one place, also serving to introduce the old ones to the new things that are going now, and viceversa.

Converge side is a direct slap in the face, with the chaotic sounds and fury that make them one of the top bands within the community, the cacophony and chaos that melt in order thanks to the mathematic speed and precision in every note that they play, following the rule to do this in no more than a minute and keep smashing the chords, beating the drums and screaming like no tomorrow to come, all of this things are packed in the first track "No Ligh Escapes".

"Wolverine Blues" is the cover that people needed, with collaborations of Aaron Turner and legends of melodeath scene like Tomas Lindberg. Revitalizing a theme from the old time Death 'N' Roll to the new sound, but keeping the essence of the original one, Converge does a good effort to pay tribute to the long lived and mythical band from Sweden: Entombed.

Napalm Death's side is traditional Grindcore at his best, with the first track "Will By Mouth" they only remark us what we know since the beggining: Their mastership on the chaotic chords, the brutallity of the constant beat of the drums and the growls of an old spirit with such greatness that even at his age is at his best, making us think that time will come and he'll be no longer growl in that manner and he's giving everything to trascend in every aspect, and he has done it since "Harmony Corruption"

"No Impediment to Triumph (Bhopal)" The closing track of this split marks a difference with the previos one: this track is more accesible, keeping the brutallity and their characteristic rage, giving some moments of relaxation and even a sticky riff, making us think that the band never undid their punkish past and remembering us were do they came, which is their past, a past that will always be with them even if we don't see it clear: Their DIY constant.