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Like a Demon in Heat - 73%

psychoticnicholai, October 15th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2011, 12" vinyl, Deathrune Records (Die Hard Edition, Red vinyl)

Naked Whipper's name alone makes enough of a statement about what their lone album Painstreaks is going to sound like. This is a punishing and unrelenting album that blends war metal brutality with fast-paced bursts of grindcore with no room for breaks as it drags you into Hell's dungeons to strangle, batter, and violate you. It's here to run you over with the blasting and treat you as violently as it can. It's blunt, it's frank, it wastes no time, and all jokes about German perverts aside, this is played very seriously.

There's really no need for overly descriptive language when it comes to Painstreaks. It's a blunt album with every song being an assault with burning volleys of guitars, machine gun drumming, and the animalistic growls of Dominus A.S. filling every second like the demon on the cover after a frightened virgin. Sometimes these reckless barrages tighten up into some more decisive catchier moments like on "Pagan Pussy Gore Intruder", "Painstreaks", and "Nuclear Solutions". But for the vast majority of this album, the music's goal seems to be to stamp you into the ground without pity as these guys rarely let up on the speed, and when they do, it's just to prepare you for more blasting. That may sound somewhat monotone, but these guys have a sense of speed about them that keeps things exciting and keeps the riffs feeling murderously energized. It's also produced in a way where you can feel the guitars and drums hitting you with force, as opposed to many other war metal bands that just want to overwhelm you. The low-end of this is certainly magnified, but it's at just the right level so it doesn't become tedious.

Bottom line, this is pure, raw blackened grind that acts as a solid piece of early war metal as well. Everything comes at you in as rapid and animalistic a way as it can. And while this will result in a lot of the songs sounding similar, their speed and their riffing do a lot to set them apart, and the full-frontal assault that the music gives. While the live tracks on here are redundant, the original material itself is raw and satisfying even if the blasting and roaring can get pretty damn samey after a few songs. If you just need something to have incredibly fast violent sex to, this battery of self-described "sado-grind" is a good thing to terrify your partner with or just run around attacking things to.