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Sadistic Grinding Death Metal Perversity - 75%

Vaseline1980, June 20th, 2016
Written based on this version: 1995, CD, Malodorous Mangled Innards Records

Naked Whipper was the band of former Blood vocalist Dominus A.S. (probably better known to his local vice squad as Alex Schulze) and as the name suggests there's some pretty kinky stuff going on in the lyrics. The music on offer here is no less depraved but we'll get to that later. After one 7" single the good man recorded this full length album with the help of members of the band Malaphar and what a bloody racket it is! The album itself consists of two parts, a studio part and following that, the same set of songs in a live setting, albeit in a different order.

Let's begin at the start with the studio tracks. Now, if clean sound and intricate compositions are your thing, turn away now! The music is a mix of old school grindcore, think early Napalm Death, Atrocity (US) or Agathocles here, and raging black/death metal like Blasphemy or Impaled Nazarene used to play in the beginning of the 90's. There's little to no subtlety here, they go right for the throat, like ravenous beasts possessed by Satan (with a raging boner in this case)! The songs are kept simple and short and get the adrenaline pumping if you're into the aforementioned bands. If your favorite band is Rush or Dream Theater though, be prepared for a disappointing 50 minutes. For the most part the band play at blasting speed with little variation in between. Slower parts are heard sporadically but never last long, before you know it they're going at grinding velocity again. And I simply love it!

The production on the studio tracks is raw, even for 1995. The guitars sound somewhat thin and in the fast parts they are almost drowned out by the drums and this brings us to the biggest problem I've got with the sound on this platter. The man responsible for the percussion recorded his parts with a electronic drum set and it just sounds horrible, not natural in any way. This album (that I personally adore, I love this type of extreme death/black/grind) would have sounded a lot better (more aggressive) had it been recorded with a classic set of drums. Can't win 'em all, right?

The live part, I suspect, is tacked on because the studio part only lasts about 20 minutes and the label probably considered that too short. It sounds like it's a recording straight from the mixing board because the songs do not sound as if they were remixed or overdubbed and little mistakes can be heard here and there. Same as with the studio tracks, the guitars get somewhat drowned out by the percussionist in the fast parts, but at least the drums aren't electronic this time! All in all, the live part is pretty unnecessary in my opinion, it's the kind of thing you listen to once, perhaps twice, but not much more than that.

Unfortunately (or maybe it's a good thing?) there's no lyric sheet included here, one can just wonder what tracks like "Hyperincest" or "Pagan Pussy Gore Intruder" are about. The growling vocals are pretty incomprehensible throughout, so they're no help at all. On the other hand, Naked Whipper are from Germany and we can probably all remember the "German scheisse movie" segment from the South Park movie. That taken into consideration, perhaps I'm not that curious about it after all ...

Conclusion: if you're into bands like Blood, Nuclear Death, earliest Carcass, Repulsion or more recent noisemakers like Blasphemophagher (who recorded one of Whipper's songs) and Archagathus and you do not mind the raw sound, sink in your teeth! Your parents and/or neighbors will think otherwise but you'll have a blast!