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Naked Whipper > Moloch: Acid Orgy > Reviews
Naked Whipper - Moloch: Acid Orgy

Let's get Naked! - 78%

psychoticnicholai, October 25th, 2018

If you've heard their previous album Painstreaks, you know that Naked Whipper is one blunt band. From their tearing blackened grind sound, to their songwriting brevity, to Alex Schulze's violent sexual inclinations coming to life in the lyrics, they give it to you full and up-front. This is dirty stuff and not much different from their prior full-length album. It's a shorter and slightly rougher take on that album with some slightly more ironed-out and memorable riffing amongst the guitar barrages and near-ceaseless rapid-fire blast drumming. It's more of the same, but done somewhat better and tighter.

There may also be more of a sense of humor about this band on this EP than Painstreaks would have you believe. The introductory track is a sample from the movie "Meet the Feebles" which is about adulterous puppet animals where one character sings about how much he loves sodomy. It's such a stark contrast from the blistering blasting of rest of the EP, that you can't help but chuckle when hearing it. It's patently silly, but that doesn't mean there isn't some serious strength to this, namely with how bludgeoning the whole package is. The production is even rougher this time around and it makes this feel slightly rawer and more aggressive in comparison which helps ever so much. There's drum fills on here that get heads banging and ramp up the tension. There's more defined and penetrating riffing on here with the bruising tramplings of "Enchristianization" or the sliding riffs of "Rape n' Ride" along with plenty of other guitar pieces that bowl the listener over throughout, they work and they give some needed form to the assault. The fact that this comes in a more compact form also helps it since it seems Naked Whipper had more time to focus on making these songs really rip. The term "quality over quantity" is appropriate in this regard since the songs are more compact, better formed, and more memorable while still sticking to the simple rush of blackened "sado-grind".

If you wanted more Painstreaks, this delivers more Painstreaks, but does so in a tighter, rougher form. The tightness and roughness continues the raw aggression which this band thrives on. It may not be anything especially innovative or new, even by this band's standards, but it gets to the point of battering you down real fast and does a slightly better job than Painstreaks did at making you remember how Naked Whipper trampled you. It's more simple blackened grind with a bit more focus to the riffing and it makes for a short, savage, fierce listen.