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Decent enough. - 75%

Egregius, May 4th, 2003

Some might hear about Nailbomb and wonder "Woa, a Sepultura side-project! But wait a minute, the Nailbomb albums were released around the time Sepultura released Chaos AD, can it be any good?".

Well I can make this review really short for you: if you hated Chaos AD, then you're probably not gonna like Nailbomb muchly.

However, it's not totally fair to compare Nailbomb with Chaos AD-time Sepultura. They only share 2 members out of 4, and where Sepultura at that point is described as 'post-thrash groove metal', this is more of a mix of punk, hardcore and the Sepultura of Chaos AD.

But enough of the comparisons.

The album itself is not entirely surprising a live-album, as Nailbomb was more of a 'fun project' for it's members. Not ment as a commercially viable band (hence the album title) Nailbomb seems to be meant as a way to vent some anti-societal/governmental feelings and have some fun (and to be mainly a live-band).

The songs themselves are built up from simple structures, composed of simple but effective (hardcore) riffs.Songs often solely employ the same guitarriff and a slight variation or two, plus sometimes an extra riff for the moshing bit. But from this simplism 'crowd-favorites' seem to emerge to manifest as powerfull anthems for the oppressed. *coughcough*

Anyhow, these are the kind of songs to which you'd bang your ahead if you'd be standing in the middle of the crowd even if you've never heard Nailbomb before. Not that this album is an undisputed classic, but this it's a really decent 'mosh-along'-record, reflected by the score.
As for being a live album, it's semi-surprising to hear them use samples even live, but overall the sound is pretty good. The crowd can be heard, but not obtrusively, and the sound has that nice live-feel without being shitty.
'While you sleep..' and 'Zero-Tolerance' aren't live tracks btw, and the latter is pretty industrial compared to the other tracks.

No stand-out songs, but all at least semi-decent. I'd recommend 'Guerillas' and 'Religious Cancer' if you want to try them out.