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An atmospheric masterpiece - 100%

Lars_Ericksen, April 12th, 2009

This is an epic, majestic and a must-have album!

Its music is fascinating, everything here is build in a way to make the songs to follow a path of epic and majestic form to deliver a great black metal album.

This is not common black metal, the songs are not dirty as hell, nor are too much simplistic. Each song have at least 5 guitar riffs and some acoustic or lead interludes. Resuming, the guitar work is very effective and epic, the riffs follow a crescendo pattern that grows and grows making the music very addictive.

The highlight of the album is the drumming. Once we are talking about Alexander von Meilenwald work you should be aware that all of his work is at least very good and effective. But here he is not just good or gutsy, here he shows the best of black metal drumming, he changes the tempos, he goes on blast beats, and even input some groove on some interludes. This is just fantastic, because on the longer songs the music never gets boring or displicent.

The vocal department is another very strong part of this play. It also varies a lot, going from raspy screams to some clean chanting. Rarely some guttural parts are used, but, in a melodic and atmospheric album like this guttural voices are not the aim to go. The vocals keep uo the very good atmospheric sound developed by the other instruments.

The bass, another time in the black metal word, just cannot be heard. This is not a problem, it just do not any overweight to the music itself.

Just to finish, I dare to say that this is one of the best atmospheric black metal masterpieces of all time. If you can, grab it to your collection.