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Big Imorovement! - 91%

ict1523, May 25th, 2006

This album is a much better improvement from the last one. Naer Mataron seem to have decided to just play heavy and raw black metal, and they did quite a good job at it.

The album starts off with an intro, "...And Bloodshed Must Be Done", which is quite enjoyable and has a little medieval feel to it. We get some different instruments such as flutes, drums, violins, and even some keyboards. The next song, "Diastric Fields of War" is a really good song. It is raw and heavy, the vocals are great too. Basically a raw inaudible shout. The song also has some clean vocals in the middle. The song is a bit atmospheric too, but not very melodic.

The rest of the songs are similar in structure. The guitars are great although the riffs sound a bit similar at times, the drumming is great, the vocals are terrific through the whole album, and it has great production for raw black metal. Basically everything blends in quite well.

Some songs that do stand out though are "Wolf Of Ions" which starts off with a nice wolf howl and then just explodes into guitars, drums, and vocals, with the howl still being heard in the background. "Hyperion" also starts off with some really cool riffs in the beginning, and they are present in the background through parts of the song, so it does give the song a bit more atmospheric and melodic feel. "In Honour of the Wolf" starts off pretty bland, but toward the end of the song, they actually add some keyboards in, and you could hear them quite well, although maybe not typical for raw black metal, it definitely sounds well with the other instruments.

Overall this album is a classic, and a must have for all black metal fans. The songs on here are long as well, with the entire CD being nearly an hour long, and it doesn't get very boring even with its length so that is another plus. Overall great work with this.