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Elite Greek Nationalism - 96%

Grotavrath, July 22nd, 2004

First of all i would like to say that couple years ago this band was unheard of. Now it seems people are starting to find interest in this gim band.

Skotos Aenaon means Eternal Darkness(Darkness Eternal as i was told). This band would find itself in the sector of National Socialist Black Metal. I guess NSBM always has that extra slap of hatred that other bm bands lack today. Furthermore, as I spoke about this band on a forum, lyrics include Greek mythology as destruction of the so called "sub-human" race. I am quite fond of the paganism as much of the paganism they include I have never herd yet.

Music can be described as Raw Black Metal with a great production. On top of that the vocals match the production and are a great substitute. They have the occasional keyboard behind the rawness. Some may say thaqt this would be a deterrent but, if you ask me not only does this add to the hypnotic music but makes this better sounding and more complex in every possible way. For example, Track 7(Wolf Of Ions) has this really shredding keyboard part that jumps right in your fukking face, out of nowhere. Not only is it perfectly placed but it's structure adds to the greatness of the song.

Recently Naer Mataron has been diffusing in the metal scene partly because they have been touring with bands like Gorgoroth.

I have River at Dash Scalding, and that cd is not even close to the superiorit yof Skotos Aenaon. Purchase it now, or you will be thrown into lairs for blood hungry wolfs!