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Excellent in parts but mostly anticlimatic. - 70%

caspian, November 29th, 2008

Atavist & Nadja's last collab was decent enough if not the most mindblowing thing ever; consisting mostly of some extremely relaxed (some may say comatose) ambient jams. Quite the patience tester but also pretty cool and with some relatively surprising results. This one's a fair bit different from that one, really. Higher highs, lower lows.

First track's probably where it's at. It'™s a real slow, haunting tune with some very down tuned guitar and those man-choir vocals that everyone seems to be loving these days. It's a patience tester but very, very cool; imagine a kveldssanger tune slowed down by 800% or so and you wouldn't be too far away. A pretty simplistic tune that will likely bore the pants off the average punter but I enjoy it a fair bit, it's just a real nice mellow tune that moves along at a beautifully glacial pace.

Second track's not nearly as good but most people will find at least the first few or so minutes interesting enough. This one's all about getting raped by massive riffs and it's impressively heavy; all tar black sludge riffs and screamed vocals. Well, that's what the first third is about. I can't for the life of me figure out why they go back to the drone, though; it's a real anticlimactic move and the lack of building or movement within said drone is a real bummer. Long, sustained tones and studio trickery can be cool, but not right after you're all excited about a huge riff-fest.

A pretty poor move, really. Still, the first track is terrific and while the second track could perhaps be better divided into two songs it's still pretty cool. Nadja fans will want this, newcomers to the band would be better off with something else.