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A pimple on the ass of Nadja - 15%

caspian, June 17th, 2010

A tip for the great man Aidan: just because you had a jam with some other dudes when you were touring in their city/they were touring in your city/you both have pro tools and rapidshare accounts and were bored/etc doesn't mean you have to release it. You think something sounds cool? Great! Keep a copy for yourself and play it back from time to time to generate fond memories. But you don't have to release it!!1 In fact things would be a lot better if you kept things that way.

Thus far the amount of good Nadja collabs stands at 3: the two BBA ones, and the first Atavist one. As you may have surmised (you sharp, intelligent reader!!) that number didn't get changed upon release of this.. release. I really don't get it either. Nadja are good at what they do. So are Troum. Neither of them have a large amount of band members so it's not like a collab would be awkward or anything. But this really isn't good, in fact it's quite bad, in fact it's probably the worst collab Nadja's done, and there's no shortage of competition.

Basically, what we've got here are two really long and boring tracks of slightly processed space music - think Tim Hecker subtley remixing Biosphere, perhaps, but with a far less awesome result then that would actually give- and another long and boring track of slightly processed Nadja, with Troum's collaboration (as far as I can tell) being a bit of wacky drum sounds. Not that there's anything wrong with Troum putting their ego aside and just do a little subtle touch up on the source material, it's just that the source material wasn't actually any good.

The attempts at ambient here in particular really shit me to tears. If it's going to be minimalist, inaccessible and glacial in it's progression that's ok BUT it has to be really well composed. As in, not improvised, which as far as I can tell is what this album is. It's just so damn boring!!! Sure, a mournful tone or two rising above a airy and strangely sinister synth line can be sort of evocative, and can sound cool even, but no one short of crazy autistics are going to be able to pay attention to something that is this quiet, this static and this unremarkable, and goes on for so long. Sure, the 37 (!) minutes of this stuff is broken up by a generic Nadja song, but it's still 37 damn minutes. Incidentally, said Nadja song is boring as hell and something most Nadja fans will have heard before; a long and unremarkable lead or two, some rather average "riffing" featuring terrible drum programming.

In short, this album is really boring and continues the remarkably average '10 Nadja run; it's only 50 minutes long but listening to it seems to take an eternity. If this keeps on going on imma fly to Canada and shit on them. AVOID