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They hope you die... - 80%

ultraviolet, May 22nd, 2012

Did you miss them? Well, I did. It’s been over a year after the release of “Nihilistic Stench”, one of the records that captivated so successfully nowadays decay of the human societies and Nadiwrath strike back, alongside Ukrainian act Hexenmeister, with a split release bound to cause some surprise to the fans.

That is, forget –at least temporarily– about all the punk elements that made the full-length a hate bomb ready to explode. Now concentrate on the closing opus “Memories Are Dead” with its definite depressive motives. Well, this is the case here, with Nadiwrath presenting a nearly 20-minute opus, an ode to eternal grey skies (ironically –or not– the sky actually turned from sunny to grey when I first inserted this record in my stereo). Almost steadily at mid-tempo rhythm, “The Last Days Of The Parasitical Results Of Humanity” is one of the best pieces of depressive or suicidal blackmetal I’ve ever heard, and considering that this kind of blackmetal isn’t exactly my favorite, I think here we have something exceptional. But be careful of the closing minutes. There is so much despair and hating of the inner self here, that I don’t know how easily this can be handled; I for once, had a hard time getting over it…

…Thankfully, Hexenmeister’s significantly lighter style was at this point more than welcome. And I’m stating this fully aware of the fact that I always had a certain dislike for the so-called atmospheric/post/blackmetal hybrid. On the other hand, I can’t ignore that Ukrainian guy Bran has some talent in song-writing at least based on the 3-part track he is presenting us in this split. “Elegy To The Echoes” starts with a mid-90s atmospheric metal tone, adding some progressive approach and of course the necessary desperate black vocal shrieks. After a brief acoustic post-rock passage, part 3 of the track comes as pure blackmetal catharsis or condemnation –you decide the case–, closing the split in style and making it all in all a more than worthwhile release for those with darkness in their souls to pay attention to.

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