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Black Metal Propaganda!!!!! - 85%

Father_Merin, March 26th, 2008

Nadiwrath is a band in the veins of Impaled Nazarene and Carpathian Forest and this can be crearly seen from the first track "Horns". Wrath's growling vocals are showing exactly what is going to follow. Raw rock n' black with thrash metal style drums and blast beats in some points that make the mosh pit come alive for sure. The downbeat at the end of the song reminds a little bit of darkthrone in their Blaze In The Northern Sky era but it's going down very well with the whole song even though it's changing the mood completely from the thrashy black metal to a melody full of misery and slow drum pounding.

"Winter Nights" is the second song of the demo a little more hardcore with lot of crash cymbals and downbeats but not at all far from the overall black metal feeling of the recording. It's going on in mid tempo and from the middle of the song until the end it's carpathian forest again with razor blade guitars and double vocals (growling and brutal) that keeps going to the end of the song.

"Eyes Full Of Vengeance" is the fastest song of this recording and the closer of it. It's full of blast beats and the punk-ish guitars are combining with black metal melodies and once again growling vocals that surely won't leave your neck alone. The downbeat at the end is more macabre than ever again in the veins of darkthrone and this because of Yngve's drums who is pounding like it's his last day drumming...