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NadimaČ - Nejebanježivesile - 89%

taufan99, October 2nd, 2013

Serbia's developing thrash metal scene has currently been given worldwide attention by metalheads, among the bands, there is NadimaČ. NadimaČ formed in 2003, claiming to be the first crossover thrash band in Serbia. They currently have just released their third album, entitled "Nejebanježivesile". So, how interesting is it as a new surprise from NadimaČ? Let's see...

The composition and structure are decent, and the songs often interchange passages between sludgy hardcore riffs and old-school thrash metal riffs in a balanced manner. The singing is very emotional (even in some passages, it can sound very wrathful), as expected from hardcore-oriented songs, even in some songs like "Nezaustavljiva glad", the angry singing is combined with pretty fast rap vocals, almost reminiscent to Limp Bizkit in steroids (sorry crossover fans, don't mean to compare NadimaČ with Limp Bizkit, but I think these words just do match enough with what I think.) Even if I don't know what the songs are about. Oh, don't forget to check the mid-end part of "Koma Sutra", early part of "Smrt autoriteta" and early-mid part of "Grupna terapija" for the "extreme" examples. The instrumentation is not really bad, although I would like to complain about the bits of the drum, as they sometimes sound like from a typewriter. Oh, I forgot to tell you about the production. Despite being recorded only in two months, it still sounds good, showing they did not hurry it up.

My another complaint is that, they should make more songs with English instead of Serbian language, so that non-Serbian listeners could know what whey sing about. Nevertheless, it is worth listening, no matter what!