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very good raw BM from USA - 89%

robert_sun, November 8th, 2006

This unholy horde leaded by Azentrius released this MCD in 2003, but recently Battle Kommand Records re-released it (in unlimited copies) on CD. In the last 3 years this record was a frequent guest on my playlist, so I was really curious to find out if the CD has some extra bonus tracks, or if there’s any additional information in the booklet. Well, except the CD release itself, I didn’t become more wealthy or wise, because the CD contains exactly the same 6 tracks as the previous version and the booklet gives also zero info.
The lyrics are not available, only the front cover changed a little bit.

The band continues the raw Black Metal way, which was held up then put to rest by the mighty Judas Iscariot. I guess it’s not a coincidence that Akhenaten of JI was the mixing engineer for this material… The tracks are overwhelmed with chilling and misanthropic atmosphere, I could hardly imagine a rougher and more unfriendly Black Metal, and Azentrius’ altered voice doesn’t ease the listening. For this cause I’m surprised of the first track’s (The Glorious Moment) opening riffs, because it’s really melodic, reminding me of the pagan melodies of Graveland, in terms that the guitar themes are raw, but catchy and they can be memorized from the first listening.

The fast tempos are dominating, exceptions are only a few moments of the aforementioned first track and The Call of the Ancient. In the unholy Black Metal assaults I sense a bit of thrash metal influence, especially in the wild and fast solos, which aren’t a common thing in contemporary BM. The last track is a cover version of Judas Iscariot’s (who else?) classical Gaze Upon Heaven In Flames song, which is played a little faster than the original one. This MCD had withstood the test of time, it’s a very good material also from a perspective of 3 years.