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Nachtmystium - Doomsday Derelicts - 60%

ThrashManiacAYD, September 11th, 2009

Thank fuck I seem to be one of the minority who like Nachtmystium such is the regularity with which I've been reviewing them this last year. The continuing abuse that gets directed at these Americans by the internet's keyboard warriors baffles me - is it because they are (whisper it quietly), different? This "Doomsday Derelicts" EP follows the (re-)release of the "Worldfall" EP earlier this year and my 2008 album of the year, "Assassins".

Like the "Worldfall" release, "Doomsday Derelicts" doesn't last long, but in the time it does the songs featured hit you with varying levels of aggression and passiveness, justifying their collection together as an EP. "Bones" is the most aggressive, a quick blast of Possessed-like black metal. "Life Of Fire" harks back to the psychedelic free-spirited vibe that made "Assassins" so good, in particularly showing the band as having an easily identifiable sound these days. "Hellish Overdose" is Slayer-meets-Motörhead-meets-Toxic Holocaust, and a good attempt at it too, while "Pitch Black Cadence" is a combination of Nachtmystium's black metal attack and the feedback-laden riffs of their recent psychedelic vibes.

Short and sweet and over in 17 minutes, the "Doomsday Derelicts" EP is another reason why anyone with an open-mind and interest in extreme metal should investigate Nachtmystium. A good release for what it is and a pre-cursor to their upcoming mouth-watering tour with Absu. Bring it on.

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