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Forcing Black Metal Forward - 80%

Shirt_Guy, June 26th, 2008

You could see American black metal churning in the underground, just waiting for someone to push forward with a signature sound, and rise above their brethren. There have already been some bands gaining attention in the America black metal underground, playing mostly 2nd wave Norwegian style black metal, but one could easily see that if there wasn’t a band willing to push forward, the genre would never break out. Fear not, as Nachtmystium has blended their raw black metal ideas with old-school 70’s rock, psychedelia and stoner metal to the point where you can’t see where one starts and the other ends.

This is an epic effort with little bits and pieces of noise that introduce, and also trail off to end these slightly longer than usual songs. It’s funny how none of the songs are actually that long (sometimes past 5 minutes, not counting the ambiance), yet the atmosphere, busy action and catching hooks from both the guitars and rhythm of the tearing vocals keeps them larger then life, even when the tempo is moving at some quite relaxed speeds.

Nachtmystium is doing what American black metal and black metal in general needs - to push it forward and force those who are “trve kvlt” to argue about what black metal is - or isn’t. This album won’t give you any definitive answers, but of course when a metal band does something like experimenting with saxophones at the end of a song, that’s the whole point…

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