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A joke - 0%

HeilSathanas, September 16th, 2008

Nachtmystium since Instinct: Decay have shown to be one of the most promising bands in the US black metal scene. They overshadowed all other lame acts such as Xasthur and Leviathan with raw songwriting capabilities only helped out by some good but not over the top experimentation. Nachtmystium looked as though they could only go up from here, that was until Black Meddle was released. Just looking at the album cover had me a little worried, how tacky can you get? And naming their album Black Meddle? Lame puns are great for black metal album names but that's just taking it a bit too far.

Anyways the mediocrity is noticeable right from the start. "One of These Nights" opens up with wind noises, yes wind noises, only one of the most cliche things in black metal history, but I didn't loose faith, after all it's just an intro.... right? WRONG, the rest of the album proves to follow the exact same problem as the intro, only worse. Assassins proves to just be a hilariously bad song, with the production sounding clean and lame as possible it becomes even easier to spot all the problems present here.

First and foremost Blake's vocals sound like absolute shit! On Instinct: Decay he had a great unique tone that wasn't extremely high in the mix and blended perfectly with the music, here his voice is totally shot. He sounds like he's just barely managing to get a harsh scream out, and his tone is just incredibly annoying, failure Blake, failure. It doesn't help that Assassins and other songs feature viking metal esq fun joyful choruses, these certainly do not push the album forward in any way imaginable, they just make you wanna chuckle. Oh and apparently Tony Laureano is suppose to be some kind of godly drummer, even though he's never played for a good band, ever, and his playing on this album ranges from uninspired to just plain horrible.

The rest of the album pretty much follows the exact same problematic sequence, mediocre, forgettable and just awful guitar playing and execution can be found all throughout this album. Nothing here is what any sane person would consider truly progressive or experimental, unless you count the HILARIOUS saxophone solo, omg that's TRUE black metal PROGRESS right there folks!!! With that said there really is no reason to explain any more, this album is trite garbage, anyone with good taste can see that, Nachtmystium went from excellent to just plain shit, end of story.