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Frosty atmosphere of epic black metal - 93%

marienbad, January 10th, 2008

This album contains six songs from the German black metal band performing epic and viking styled/themed music. This is very guitar oriented as a whole, but as all the listeners of Moonblood know (same main man in both bands), the creator behind this is more than capable of composing with the guitar.

The music is mainly mid-tempo or faster but not ultra-fast at any time. How bursting Nachtfalke's main guitar riffs can be is welcomely introduced with the first song named The Windlords. This song has simple but very dominating and melancholic main guitar melodies that create a feel of ancient barbarity. At times this guitar work in The Windlords reminds me of Deathspell Omega as they have raged their way through similar compositional paths.

The absolute highlight of Nachtfalke's album must be its second song called Ragnarök. This song has an incredibly minimalistic main melody for guitar that takes so long to be played through just once! This means the song is quite long, too, almost 10 minutes without losing any of its fascination during the time. This song also introduces some great singing abilities from the singer as he howls in several ways during the slowly aheading song. Very memorable vocals that can also bring bands like Burzum or Bethlehem to your mind.

The style of Nachtfalke is also very close to later-era Bathory with both bands performing some of the best viking metal moments. "Land of Frost" sounds the way it is best for this kind of genre. The instruments are not too clean or perfected, it is a little bit raw and rusty as it is meant to be. The drums are quite simple in many songs but at the same time they help the songs to maintain their barbaric and dark feel. The album is very convincing for those internal travellers who want their music full of emotion and atmosphere.