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Boring album; not up to Nachtfalke's standard - 60%

vorfeed, December 21st, 2007

This is the fifth full-length album from Nachtfalke, a German band playing viking black metal.

The intro here has every Viking Metal cliche rolled into one: the battle sample taken from a movie, the super-bombastic keyboard intro, and of course he's got the knob on the Casio turned to "choral Valkyrie hit" ("ah!" "ah!" "ah!" "yawn!") Fortunately, the first track really makes up for it, with aggressive riffing and great growled/chanted vocals. The battle horn & wind outro is very nice, as well; I only wish the rest of the sampling on the album were so restrained. "To Stars High Above" is another excellent song -- between the slow, triumphant rhythm parts and the soloing, there's a huge amount of "Blood On Ice" influence on this one! The vocal variation on this track also top-notch. I also like the emotional guitar work on "As a Falcon Through the Night". "Beyond the Fire" is another "Blood on Ice" style song; again, the twin vocal styles are used to good effect here.

Unfortunately, the rest of the tracks are either boring and typical ("Halls of Hel", "My Skin Is Bark"), or barely one minute long (almost everything else). This album has too many samples, too many acoustic intros, and *way* too many cheesy keyboards. And as usual with Nachtfalke, the less said about the Bathory cover, the better...

"Following the Wanderers Path" is not bad, but I don't think I can recommend it, unless you're a total nut for the snoozy, late-Graveland Viking sound. How I miss the aggressive, almost death-metal Nachtfalke from "Hail Victory Teutonia"! This band can do so much better than this.

Stand-out Tracks: "To Stars High Above", "As a Falcon Through the Night", "Beyond the Fire"

Review by vorfeed: