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Average viking metal - 45%

beletty, July 30th, 2007

When I think about Nachtfalke, that fuzzy and expanding music comes to mind, with screeching solos, soaring growls, Hey's, choruses, intense drumming and the mandatory Bathory cover. The first 2 albums were like this for sure. Then Nachtfalke started losing musical momentum, opting for a more cold and controlled sound. On this album Occulta Mors takes distance from his black metal roots using seemingly less growls and more and more chanted vocals or a combination of both. He even lost his german accent. The chanted vocals suck and don't have the necessary "Oomph!" to inspire the Teutons in slaughtering hordes of poles. The growled vocals are rather inspired by black metal acts such as Antaeus or Deathspell Omega. I'm not saying Occulta Mors copied these bands, I'm just describing the vocals by comparison. "My skin is dark" and "Halls of Hel" are the only songs where only growls are used. So the vocals department sucks. What about the other instruments? The guitar riffs are standard, no solos to be found. The guitar itself sounds very heavy-metallish. No more fuzzy sound, the production is clean and that doesn't belong here. But we all know what a great drummer Occulta Mors is, and he doesn't fail to deliver. Intense, precise and chaotic. That'll resume his performance behind the drum kit.
The music doesn't lead anywhere, too many cheesy chants and acoustic guitars. This sound like a sped up Doomsword with black metal vocals. It screams average from beginning 'till end. Get the first two albums instead!