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Still epic and inventive. - 86%

KayTeeBee, April 10th, 2005

Nachtfalke is the one-man band of Occulta Mors, who also plays in Moonblood. The style here is Epic Black metal, but not in the Moonblood way. While Moonblood's music is extremely raw, Nachtfalke's is a lot more melodic, and not as raw (especially on this latest album). Nachtfalke is well-known for his other albums, and while new opus is still as melodic and epic, it still keeps a quite raw tone. Compared to "Doomed To Die", this release isn't as raw. The production is a bit cleaner, and to make things more epic and medieval Occulta has added more choirs and flute melodies (like in the intro of "Let Me Die", which sounds totally medieval).

I'm impressed to see Occulta isn't out of riffs. Under this project, he's released four full-length albums as well as demos and splits before Doomed to Die, and he still makes some inventive and epic riffs that always deliver a feeling of battle music into the listener. This album has many types of riffs, too. They mostly range from fast and baleful hateful riffs, to mid-tempo battle marches that remind some of the work of Moonblood on "Blut Und Krieg". My only complaint for this album is that more accoustic melodies are needed at times, to create an even more epic and heroic atmosphere. The choirs are still amazing though, they add a huge "Battle Music" ambience to the music. The riffs may seem a bit repetitive at first, but after listening to this tons of times, I can unhesitatingly affirm that this album doesn't get old.

In conclusion, this latest Nachtfalke album will do nothing but please the bands of the genre and this artist, even if some huge epic metal fans may think this isn't epic enough in certain places. A must-have for fans of Epic BM and/or this band.