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Heavy on the classical influence - 60%

ruigeroeland, December 10th, 2007

Niobeth is a six piece Spanish gothic metal band, delivering their first studio effort with this demo (released at the end of 2006).

The music is highly symphonic and influenced by classical music (the demo even closes with a Mozart composition). The pace of the music reaches power metal speeds at times, but there is quite some use of acoustic passages to balance these fast parts. The classical influence is further emphasized by the use of piano passages.

The vocals are of the operatic vein and are the main responsibility of Itea, who is not supported by death growls unlike much gothic metal bands nowadays. There is some Spanish accent to be heard in the English lyrics, mainly when she sings with a normal voice. The band also uses some male backing vocals and choir passages.

The compositions are okay, but not of stellar quality. The songs miss that special something to make them stand out. Exception is the track “The Awakening” which starts out with a nice flute-melody, supported by the guitar later on. If they could produce more of these tracks they could make one hell of a demo.