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And another one bites the dust.... - 15%

grimdoom, March 29th, 2008

Utter travesty is the only way to describe this excuse for an album. Where once stood a might pillar of Doomdeath now stands the worst excuse for Bal-Sagoth cloning EVER!!!!

The guitars are speedy and melodic and a bit less heavy than on the first release. This also goes for the bass and the drums. This is wouldn't be a bad thing if the band had decided to play something original, like they did with their first album. This CD is nothing but Bal-Sagoth worship in its worst form.

They borrow heavily from the aforementioned taking the visual aspect a bit farther with their costumes. The vocals are a complete joke to say the least. They are a pitiful attempt at Black Metal and sound more like a cat getting pushed through Vargs ass than something grim and/or necro.

The production isn't too bad and the instruments sound good over all, but the complete style change without an album in between to soften the blow coupled with the lack of originality leaves one to question what exactly went wrong here.