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Now this is what i'm talking about! - 100%

cristhethrasher, April 26th, 2012

I have been following this band very closely for a little over a year now. I was always impressed with the lyrical style, the heavy riffs, the variety in the bass, and the intensity of the drums, but the vocals always left me unsatisfied and even though I gave the previous vocalist (Sofia) many chances to impress me, I was always lead to an inevitable disappointment.

I have also been a fan of the singer Mon Laferte. Mon Laferte is a solo singer who sings hard rock, rock pop, and other alternative styles. Her voice is strong, solid, and beautiful. Every time I saw Mon singing I always thought to myself, "this girl needs to sing in a metal band," and the mighty gods of metal granted my wish. Mystica Girls recruited Mon as a singer and hyper drummer Yolanda to replace the void left behind by the previous singer and drummer. Mon Laferte picks up the mic and delivers a strong performance that will blow you away.

It's hard to find drummers. Its harder to find female drummers. It's rare to find good female drummers. Yolanda is one of these rare cases and she is a hyper, crazy fast case. She keeps a fast and steady beat throughout the song that is accessible to headbang along to and easy to enjoy.

Cynthia Blackcat delivers her astonishing solos that leave nothing but jaws dropping as it goes along. It appears that Randy Rhoads possesses this woman every time she touches a guitar. Jane brings something different to the table. she doesn't just follow the rhythm of the drums or just plays along with the song. Her playing takes you on a wild ride through five roads (strings) of metal magic.

This new line up is strong and solid, and even though they had done one song with this new singer and drummer, they leave us wishing to hear more from them.