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Mystic Prophecy - Hellriot

Class retention in the German heavy metal premier league - 80%

Sprengie, February 11th, 2024
Written based on this version: 2023, CD, Rock of Angels Records

Bavarian power metallers Mystic Prophecy released their first album over 23 years ago. This year, the guys are completing the dozen and, thank goodness, are still not thinking about quitting, even though the gap to the previous album is almost four years. I would speculate that the guys have simply made creative use of the forced break caused by the pandemic.

The majority of the current mystical prophecies are made up of tried-and-tested mid-tempo stompers. I'd like to highlight the ingenious Paranoia, for example, which repeatedly had me shaking my fists at the ceiling in the lonely chamber. The aforementioned song is followed by Revenge And Fire, one of the brisker headbangers that have always been able to spice up a set by the likeable southern Germans. I am convinced that this number will play a tasty role in future live programs.

What particularly strikes me is the fact that Mystic Prophecy have dispensed with ballad-like numbers this time. Perhaps they have realized that the blessing does not lie in the mainstream audience. The songs are a tiny bit more complex than the band's previous works and the large-scale lack of catchy sing-along lyrics makes me wonder at first. However, you should give the record more than just one listen, because some of the tracks get stuck in your head the second time you hear them and Hellriot quickly turn out to be a fantastic grower. And last but not least, Liapakis' distinctive grating voice once again develops into a striking recognition feature of the Prophets.

Of course, Mystic Prophecy have not reinvented German heavy metal and have not added an absolute masterpiece to their own history. In the world of sports, however, one would say that the band has made a clean sweep of the league. Hellriot is available in all formats. But what's the overkill with 10 different vinyl colors about, I barely can't guess.

Recommended tracks: Paranoia, Revenge And Fire und Road To Babylon