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Mystic Forest - Romances

OK, but gets irritating - 71%

cinedracusio, November 29th, 2005

Note: I guess that KTB would like my head hanged in a pine for this...
Mystic Forest is, or at least it seems to be a very classical influenced black metal act, very melodic and appreciated. Man, it really pisses me off. I could and I liked Epheles a fucking lot, but THIS is horrifyingly classical. I would have had no objection on the influence... Until I heard those keyboards. Just give a listen to that shit, Si Le Bois Pouvait Parler. The keyboards have a key role in this stuff, but they often bring to mind the fucking Rhapsody chansonette dreamful dummy sound. And it does not fit the "black metal" label at all. The drums are very well produced, congratulations, with varied rhythms. The leads are done the right way, but the vocals did simply not succeed in hooking me. They are kinda boring and left behind, unconvincing.
The riffs also are not amongst the most original, bearing several classical shit, but getting monotonous and cycling around pretty similar notes. The weird shit is that the music as a whole might get really annoying. Why? Because of that loud production, but still foggy because it melts the instruments together in an unpleasant way. After listening to this, I felt like I had eaten ten dozens of french sugar coated cheese. So if you are Jerry Mouse's cousin and you don't have any black diabet, get this.