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Mystic Forest - Romances

...New best album of 2004 - 99%

KayTeeBee, January 9th, 2005

Holy. Fucking. Shit. I just found this album a week ago. I expected it to be excellent (just like every other Mystic Forest album), but what I got was the best album that was released last year. This also has to be one of the best albums ever released, not matter what the genre is, no matter WHAT. THIS is beauty.

If you've never heard Mystic Forest before, lemme tell you what to expect. They play extremely romantic and melancholic black metal, which contains the biggest classical influence i've ever had the pleasure of hearing in black metal, or even in metal period. The keyboards are pure classical pieces. Take a listen to the outro, "Un Dernier Supplice", and you'll probably be crying because it's so fucking beautiful. Believe me, it's that fucking good.

This album also proves that Mystic Forest can be epic as hell. I'd never heard flutes or stuff like that in other Mystic Forest releases, but this one uses flutes, without abusing their use or using them too much. BUT it doesn't end there, of course. This album has amazing riffs, and they're not too tremolo-ish at all. They're unique, melodic, and as I already mentionned, melancholic.

I've come to the conclusion that anyone who likes classical music in any way will enjoy this for sure. I'm still literally crying over this album. Do whatever you can to get your hands on this masterpiece.