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Fullmoon Shadows? - 50%

HeathenTristan, June 26th, 2004

This demo has a really original sound, but it´s a low quuality recording, they tried to explore new sounds by creating a neat medieval soundlike metal with female voices and related lyrics.

The big problem of this demo is that the drums are quite lost, you cannos hear them well, and the voice sounds like if a pig is being tortured, the guitars sound well and the bass is quite low, the female vocals are not prsent on all songs but they sound very well.

I can say that the best song of this Demo is "The Wine Of Immortality" wich has turned out to be a Mysteriis hymn in Colombia.

Afterall this is a nice piece of collection that underground lovers would like to have.

What we have to do now is to wait for a further release to see if they can improve the sound quility and to see if they continue with the medieval esence that they gave to the band in their Demo.