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Cradle Of Filth like Black Metal - 70%

lfernando, October 3rd, 2004

Mysteriis has shown a very trendy band. All you can find here is a Cradle Of Filth like "Black Metal" (if we can call it Black Metal anyway). I heard they're into Brutal Black Metal nowadays.

The formula is very known: keyboards overcoming all the other instruments and a female voice among it.
They appeal a lot to sexual constents which I don't like, I don't think Black Metal should be this sexual related, but hey, it's just me.

It's not the end. They have a cover... Darkthrone's Transilvanian Hunger. It's awful and I'm pretty sure Fenriz and Nocturno Oculto know about this cover version. No raw guitar, no chaotic vocals... yes, lots of keyboards (the melody is keyboard-based and guitar only plays the fundamental notes) and female voice.

"So it sucks a lot?" Yes it does.
"And why did you gave them a 70?" I gave them a 70 because this EP is actually divided in two. The last four tracks were taken from a demo section. They have keyboards but on a different perspective. They keyboards only makes the "atmosphere", the vocals are much more chaotic and harsh guitars.
Maybe I didn't encourage you to try this recording, but they at least Darkthrone's cover, you're either going to laugh at it or cry for it.