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hyper aggression - 82%

odradek, June 18th, 2007

Although Myrkskog themselves hail from Norway, their sound is reminiscent of American style death metal bands like Hate Eternal or Origin. Songwriting is a strength of this band, as unexpected twists of direction abound, and the tempos remain consistently fast; their music never degenerates to Incantation-style sludgy sections.

The rhythm guitar work is impressive, and showcases a lot of deft technique. Destructhor's signature riff seems to be rapid alternation between tremolo picking the low strings and then some brief melody on the upper registers harmonized in some spooky minor interval. This technique seems to appear in some form in every song, but it generates harmonic tension quite effectively and gives the music a complex, off-balanced feel. The riffs morph rapidly throughout each song, and never tire. There are a few proper solos on the album, but a lot of the lead guitar work is whammy dive bombs and sound effects rather than any kind of melodic statement.

Sechtdaemon is a veritable drumming engine, delivering energetic fills layered over a rapid and relentless double bass thunder, but a little unclear in the mix sometimes. The vocals are a low growl with a bit of an artificially thickened sound. The lyrics are juvenile gore material and not worth dwelling on.

Superior Massacre opens with an intro track that sounds like the conjuring of a demon, with swirling noise and evil chanting. Eight intense tracks then burst forth one after another, with "Trapped In Torment" probably being my favorite, but none of them weak. The "Outro" track closes the album with an utterly pointless full minute of buzzing and feedback noises -- an unfortunate end to a frenetic adventure.